Pythia specialists defined network requirements and developed specifications for a secure, dedicated link between the Uzbek Expertise Agency (dealing with certificates of origin and other customs and export-related issues) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). The proposed virtual private network (VPN) was designed to improve communications between Uzbek and U.S. officials in order to identify and prevent contraband and illegal transshipments of textiles and other products. Within Uzbekistan, the proposed network would link Uzbek Expertise’s central office in Tashkent with 12 regional offices located throughout the country, enhancing the organization’s ability to manage internal processes and serve Uzbek businesses. Pythia’s solution recommended a satellite connection to the Internet. Cisco Systems equipment was specified for the VPN, firewall and gateway networking requirements.

As a sub-contractor to U.S. solutions provider Hyperion Inc., Pythia provided project management on the programming of an automated network administration tool for the US Army 1st Infantry Division in Germany. The web-based system was designed to work either as a stand-alone package, or with Unicenter TNG, providing on-line access to data on the physical infrastructure of the U.S. Army’s telecoms networks in Germany: as-built drawings; copper and fibre locations, capacities, and test results; network electronics; circuit allocation; etc.  Built on client/server technology, the application employs a proprietary PDF parser, analyzer, and viewer.

Pythia developed a decision support system (DSS) for a Vodafone ISP division. As part of the project, we developed content for the system, including ISP market indicators, internal data from Xnet, and information on major market participants. The dBase system is organized to facilitate queries and data manipulation for a wide range of marketing, sales, and business planning purposes. The web-based system, containing both a front and back-end component, is hosted at Xnet’s premises via a secure, firewall-protected virtual private network (VPN) containing authentication and encryption tools. It runs on ODBC architecture allowing maximum scalability, and employs an Apache web server. The principal coding language used to develop the site was PHP.