Education – e-learning, training

Over the past five years, Pythia has become increasingly involved in education and training in the ICT domain. During this period, our team has successfully conducted projects/programs covering the following: • Education policy and framework development (focused on ICT) •

Energy, Environment and Water Management

Pythia International has considerable expertise in the areas of Energy, Environment and Water Management. We have provided technical support and have developed feasibility studies and pilot implementations for governments and utilities. These have included the development and provision of: •

Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) and e-Government

Pythia provides implementation support for the deployment of networked computer systems and associated electronic components. Our support is directed at: Servers; Networked Storage Devices; Hubs, Switches and Routers; Long-Haul WAN Components For systems implementation, we typically provide: Network Performance Analysis;

Innovation/Innovation Policy

Pythia has developed expertise in monitoring, analyzing, and assessing the impact of major public programs and measures adopted by national governments, governmental agencies, and educational institutions in the domain of R&D, innovation policy, and technological development. In past projects we


Our Logistics Division, which operates as a stand-alone entity, is able to support Pythia project teams and our consortium partners across all the sectors we operate in. From low-cost, efficient freight-forwarding dispatch to high-value supply chain consulting, we cover the


Here is where you will find all sorts of GDPR data, information and videos. Pythia Group is also working in conjunction with GDPR Specialists in order to offer training and free webinars on GDPR. The GDPR will affect companies around