Business Development, Planning and Market Assessments

• Market Assessments (determine market size, competing brands & market shares, distribution patterns; pricing structures; uncover business opportunities; identify threats and opportunities; prepare sales projections); • Industry Analysis (identify & describe the key players; outline driving forces & growth potential;


Capital budgeting and financial planning

• Financial analysis (of systems/network/infrastructure development projects) • Cost benefit analysis • Development of investment plans • Assessment of potential sources of project funding • Assistance in identifying and writing applications for available funding opportunities (national, European and international)

Education – e-learning, training

Over the past five years, Pythia has become increasingly involved in education and training in the ICT domain. During this period, our team has successfully conducted projects/programs covering the following: • Education policy and framework development (focused on ICT) •

Energy, Environment and Water Management

Pythia International has considerable expertise in the areas of Energy, Environment and Water Management. We have provided technical support and have developed feasibility studies and pilot implementations for governments and utilities. These have included the development and provision of: •


Applications Development

Pythia specialists defined network requirements and developed specifications for a secure, dedicated link between the Uzbek Expertise Agency (dealing with certificates of origin and other customs and export-related issues) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). The proposed virtual private


E-Government Systems Development

Pythia International, in collaboration with U.S. applications provider, Intergraph, developed a USTDA-funded e-government urban planning and development pilot program for the Municipality of Bucharest. The e-government system – entailing the development of a public service interface, creation of a large


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Network Infrastructure Assessment and Planning

On behalf of the Riverside Medical Center in Vidalia, Louisiana, USA, Pythia International performed a Strategic Health Information Communications Technology Assessment aimed at improving the institution’s health information technology (HIT) infrastructure and enhancing their value proposition to patients and medical...

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Pythia International uses advanced organizational and management controls, tools and techniques that dramatically improve the quality of services we provide to our clients. These tools maximize the effectiveness of a globally distributed team, often including partners/subcontractors that may not always have direct communication. Our approach to project management is multi-disciplinary and highly interactive. As a hybrid IT services, program management, process improvement and communications company, we operate at the intersection of technology and marketing. As such, we are often able to bring a unique perspecitive and to harness a wide set of new age tools to traditional management, ICT, institutional, research/information dissemination and communication challenges.

Holt Evans - Director