On behalf of Transelectrica S.A., the Romanian National Power Grid Company, Pythia assisted in  development of a project to support implementation of a modernized dispatching-transmission system, and launch of a subsidiary to provide wholesale telecommunications services. Main implementation steps of the plan included modifying grid codes, improving the metering system for the wholesale electricity market; and upgrading EMS/SCADA services.

Pythia provided assistance to Tulcea County, Romania in implementing improvements in the water and wastewater distribution system (pipes and related infrastructure). The Pythia team proposed rehabilitation methods for neglected water distribution and sewage systems in the region, and examined alternatives to the use of gaseous chlorine for potable water disinfection.

For the Turkish State Meteorological Service (TSMS), Pythia assisted in planning for the systematic deployment of a Flood Forecasting and Early Warning System (FFEWS). The high-level assessment and implementation plan guided the TSMS in determining its national-level FFEWS needs, including hardware, software, GIS, RDMS, sensors, weather and water monitoring equipment, communications equipment, and modeling systems.

In Bulgaria, Pythia performed an assessment of the National Geological & Subsurface Resources Management Information System for the Bulgarian Ministry of Environment and Water’s Subsurface and Underground Resources Directorate (SURD).

Under a USTDA definitional mission, Pythia worked with the Romanian National Water Administration in the initial planning and development of a water management (WATMAN) system, integrating all information related to river basins, water agencies; industrial, urban, and agricultural users; and hydropower plants, into a modern instrument for water management and disaster response.