For Raiffeisen bank, Pythia assessed the Romanian pharmaceutical sector including: market structure (market share, comparative analysis, company profiles, banks & banking products used); distribution systems (wholesale, retail, strategies, partnerships); and government implication in the sector.

For Belgian steel producer, Bekaert, Pythia developed an assessment of the steel and steel wire companies and markets in Southeast Europe (covering Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Ukraine) in order to assist Bekaert’s management in developing strategic scenarios and making key decisions with respect to regional investments, including acquisitions.

Over the years, Pythia has worked with numerous telecommunications operators, ICT equipment vendors and software developers, as well as with the Economist Group, on various regional marketing and investment related assessments covering developments in Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine and elsewhere. Examples of successfully completed projects include the following:

  • Assessment of Romanian relational database software market for Oracle
  • Analysis of investment options and wireless opportunities in Southeast Europe (frequency auctions, acquisitions, strategic alliances) for OTE – Greek Telecommunications Organization.
  • Comparative pricing study of telecom switchboard systems for Lucent Technologies (Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Ukraine)
  • Survey of FDI in the Romanian, Bulgarian, Moldavian, and Macedonian IT and communications sectors for the EIU.
  • Review of Romanian and Bulgarian PC producers and assemblers for the EIU.

Assessment of the export potential for telecoms equipment in Albania, Macedonia, Romania, Turkey, and Serbia for Intracom, Greece.